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Stingray - Diving
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It is our goal to show you the most beautiful dive sites of the Maldives. To do that, we need to take seasonal conditions, available time and weather forecasts into account. Please trust our experienced crew to choose the best possible route and to maximize the liveaboard`s advantage of mobility in every situation. Fixed routes would mean to ignore the insider knowledge offered by our crews. At the beginning of every safari a rough route will be announced, followed by daily, more detailed briefings about the next day`s route. Before every dive you will be thoroughly briefed and shown a map of the dive spot.

Guided Dives: Yes
PADI Instructor: Yes
PADI Courses: Yes
Dives per Day: 3
Enos System: Yes
Dive Dhoni: Yes
Equipment Rental: Yes


Important Information for diving guests:

  • Please remember to bring your logbook and diving certificate.
  • A medical diving fitness check is recommended, but not compulsory.
  • The first dive is always a so-called check-dive, which is compulsory for all divers.
  • Dives are guided by an experienced PADI instructor and a dive master.
  • Experienced divers can dive independently after the check dive.
  • PADI courses can be held (please pre-book)
  • Diving equipment is kept on the accompanying dive vessel (Dhoni) 
  • Oxygen, a DAN emergency case and a mobile phone are available on the Dhoni in case of emergency.
  • Compressors are stored on the Dhoni, meaning that there is no noise pollution for guests on the liveaboard while bottles are re-filled between dives.
  • All divers must adhere to the Maldivian diving regulations: no decompression dives, always stay with your dive buddy, never dive deeper than 30m if you are a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) and never dive deeper than 18m if you are a PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent).
  • The last dive will be offered 24hrs before the end of the cruise.
  • The use of a diving computer is compulsory.
  • English is the official language on board.
  • A 21-day DAN diving insurance policy can be obtained on board.
  • During a 7-night cruise there are 17 dives, during a 14-night cruise there are 35 dives


It is our aim to show you the most beautiful dive spots in the Maldives. In order to do this, it is necessary to adapt our routes according to the season, available time and current weather reports. That is why our ships do not follow fixed routes, but rather tailor each safari route to make the best possible dive trip. Please trust our experienced crews to choose the right route; every ship’s crew has years of experience in diving in the Maldives and they know how to make the most out of each cruise. At the start of each safari, a rough route will be confirmed, followed by daily briefings on what specific dive sites will be visited. Before each dive, you will be thoroughly briefed and shown a map of the dive site.

Required dive certification:

The minimum requirement is a PADI Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent, which will allow you to dive to a maximum of 18m. This is the depth when a lot of the best dive sites begin to be really interesting, which is why we encourage our guests to obtain a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent before or during the cruise. This will allow you to dive to a maximum of 30m and fully explore the Maldives’ best dive spots. Divers who have not dived for a while can do a PADI Scuba Review course to refresh their skills.

Lost diver tracking system avaiable on board