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Maldives Marine Life
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Maldives Marine Life

The Maldives are known for their huge variety of marine life. For all scuba and marine life enthusiast?s we have put together this growing list of fish in the Maldives.



Residing in the coastal reefs of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans is a fish family known as the angelfish group ( Pomacanthidae ). This group of marine species is adored by scuba divers and marine life enthusiasts from all over the world due to their vibrant colors and laterally compressed bodies.     Angelfish... Read more about the Angelfish


The barracuda , of the Sphyraena genus, is a-ray finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance.  The barracuda is a fierce-looking solitary predator that lives in tropical salt waters all around the world. Barracuda Habitat The barracuda fish tends to inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide, such as the... Read more about the Barracuda

Blue Lined Snapper

The blue-lined snapper ( Lutjanus Kasmira ), which is sometimes referred to as the blue-stripe snapper belongs to the snapper family of Lutjanidae. The blue-lined snapper is a common marine species found in the Indo-Pacific waters. It features a bright yellow body with about four to six horizontal blue stripes. Blue-Lined Snapper... Read more about the Blue Lined Snapper


The Butterflyfish ( Chaetodon benetti ) is a marine species belonging to the Chaetodontidae family. It is a reef-dwelling fish that is distinguished by its attractive, bright coloration. There are many different species of Butterflyfish occuring in Indo-Pacific waters, from East Africa to the Pitcairn Islands, north to Japan and south to... Read more about the Butterflyfish


Clownfish , or Orange fish, are fishes from the subfamily Amphiprioninae of the Pomacentridae family.  There are plenty of different species of Clownfish that can be found in warm waters around the world, including the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  The Maldives are home to a number of Clownfish varieties. The Clownfish is... Read more about the Clownfish

Eagle Ray

The eagle rays are a group of cartilaginous fish that are part of the family of Myliobatidae .  Eagle rays are basically large species of rays that unlike many ray species, tend to live in the open ocean rather than on the bottom of the sea. The Genus name of this type of fish is Aetobatus which is a word derived from the Greek... Read more about the Eagle Ray

Grey Reef Shark

The grey reef shark ( Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos ) is a species of the requiem shark.  It is one of the most common reef sharks in the Indo-Pacific.  Mainly because they tend to actively expel most other shark species from favoured habitats; which are of course the coral reefs. Grey Reef Sharks are agile and fast swimming... Read more about the Grey Reef Shark

Long Nose Hawkfish

The long nose hawkfish ( Oxycirrhites Typus ) is one of the most popular types of hawkfish.  It is found primarily in Indo-Pacific waters, among other places, and especially in shallow water close to black corals and rocks. Long nose hawkfish are often solitary fish yet strongly territorial with one male presiding over a group of 2 to... Read more about the Long Nose Hawkfish

Manta Ray

The manta ray , ( Manata Birostris ), also known as the Pacific Manta, Devilfish, or just Manta, is the largest species of ray in the world; manta rays are commonly found with fin spans of over 17 feet, while the largest Manta Ray on record measured an enormous 25 feet across. The manta ray is one of the most popular animals to see... Read more about the Manta Ray

Moorish Idol

The majestic Zanclus Cornutus , more famously known as the moorish idol , is one of the most popular fish among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts all over the world. The only member of the Zanclidae family, the moorish idol is commonly sighted in the exotic Indo-Pacific waters. The moorish idol is often mistaken for a butterfly fish, due... Read more about the Moorish Idol

Napoleon Wrasse

The Napoleon Wrasse ( Cheilinus undulatus ) is a marine fish that is mainly found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean living on the slopes of the coral reefs.  The napoleon wrasse is also known as the Humphead Wrasse or the Maori Wrasse and many people simply refer to it as the Napoleonfish. The Napoleon Wrasse is the largest living member of... Read more about the Napoleon Wrasse

Oriental Sweetlip

Oriental Sweetlip The oriental sweetlip ( Plectorhinchus Orientalis or Vittatus ) is a reef-dwelling creature, family of the Haemulidae, and one of the most common types of fish found around the islands of the Maldives.  It is a fish that undergoes a drastic change in colour from childhood to adulthood and is therefore appealing to... Read more about the Oriental Sweetlip


The parrotfish is a subgroup of the Labridae family and one of the most important groups of herbivorous fishes found on coral reefs all over the world.  They are interesting multicolored fish; for example at night time they cover themselves in a mucous cocoon that protects them from predators; and have many responsibilities when it... Read more about the Parrotfish


The stingray , from the family of rays Dasyatidae , is a shark-related fish that has cartilage rather than bones.  They commonly inhabit coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters throughout the world. Their name comes from the barbed stinger on their tail, their principal characteristic, which is used mainly in self-defence.... Read more about the Stingray


The triggerfish species includes various, usually brightly-coloured fish that make up the family of the Balistidae .  Triggerfish are a very visually attractive species, and they tend to be marked with lines and spots and can be found in Indo-Pacific waters as well as the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Triggerfish... Read more about the Triggerfish

Whale Shark

The whale shark ( Rhincodon typus ) is the largest of all fish species alive today.  A filter-feeder, the whale shark feeds mainly on plankton and can grow to lengths of 40 feet, and can weigh up to 47,000 pounds.  The whale shark is a distinctive fish, dark in colour with white spotted patterns on its back and is a favourite... Read more about the Whale Shark

Zebra Shark

The zebra shark ( Stegostoma Fasciatum ) is a species of carpet shark.  It is a nocturnal animal that spends most of the day resting motionless on the sea floor until night time comes and the shark goes out hunting for food. Zebra sharks are strong and agile swimmers that propel themselves with eel-like wave movements of the body and... Read more about the Zebra Shark