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Diving Holidays to Maldives
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Diving Holidays to Maldives
Diving holidays are a major attraction to the Maldives, the very reason why thousands and thousands of tourists flock to this island paradise every year! A world renowned holiday location for scuba diving and marine life, this stunning island paradise offers a plethora of diving holiday activities; whether you are a scuba diving enthusiast or you prefer some light snorkelling, or the fascinating coral formations are your forte, or maybe the thrill of swimming amongst giant manta rays and whale sharks is your cup of tea, holidays to the Maldives has it all! Below we have outlined the ins and outs of various dive related activities available in the Maldives - we highly recommend you experience this unique and unforgettable side of your Maldives holiday!


Diving Holidays to Maldives



Scuba Diving Holidays Maldives


Scuba diving in Maldives is strictly regulated to ensure the maximum safety and enjoyment for dive enthusiasts. You can choose between a variety of courses from beginner, intermediate and professional level, your dive locations, number of dives (usually around 2 or 3 a day), and much more. It is recommended that you undergo a medical fitness check before scuba diving, and the initial dive is the so-called "check dive" which is mandatory. If the level of experience is sufficient, you can go on independent dives without the aid of a certified PADI (professional Association of Diving Instructors) instructor and dive master, however they are always at hand if required. Have a look at this fascinating video detailing a scuba diving encounter with a reef shark in the Maldives.



All scuba diving equipment, tanks and instruments are available for hire; nevertheless, feel free to bring your own to your holiday in Maldives if you have space in your suitcase. Below we have a general guideline for rental price of scuba equipment - please note: prices may vary depending on the ship and the time of year.


Scuba Diving Prices

  • BCD & Regulator: $20 / day

  • ABC Kit (mask, fins, snorkel): $12 / day

  • Diving Computer: $10 / day

  • Underwater Torch: $8 / day

  • 15L Tank: $15 / day

  • Complete Gear Set (ABC kit, computer, BCD & regulator, wetsuit): $260 / week

All divers must adhere to the Maldivian diving regulations, the specifics of which will be thoroughly explained to you before setting off. Bear in mind that the official language on board is English. And for that truly memorable experience make sure to go on a night dive; the Maldives marine life never sleeps, and catching the underwater action in the stillness of a tropical night will no doubt blow your mind.

Start planning your perfect Maldives holiday today, we would be glad to arrange Maldives holiday packages tailored to your exact specifications. Just get in touch right here!


Maldives Diving Safari Holiday


Maldives dive safaris provide an outlook into a slice of life unique to the Maldives. Holidays to the Maldives should invariably include a diving safari trip to experience the underwater life, which is so brilliantly exotic here, you will never see a busy interplay of stunning creatures anywhere else.


Marine Life in the Maldives


Marine life in the Maldives holds a plethora of stunning creatures; angelfish, barracudas, clownfish, grey reef sharks, manta rays, trigger fish, whale sharks, zebra sharks just to name a few. Diving with whale sharks has fast become a popular Maldives holiday activity - just being near these imposing yet docile creatures in the water will get your heart racing! If you find yourself on holiday in the Maldives at the right time and place, you could even observe the natural tendencies and mannerisms of the elusive manta ray. In the right season, and with some luck, you may even catch a manta ray feeding frenzy, which can occur around certain areas where the plankton levels are especially high.

Diving safari trips are a must on any holiday in Maldives and we would be glad to discuss all options regarding your dive safari cruise in the Maldives, don't hesitate to contact us!


Maldives Liveaboard Holidays


Your Maldives holiday would not be complete without cruising around the myriad of Maldivian islands on one of the graceful liveaboard cruise ships. Liveaboard cruises in Maldives encompass a mini-holiday within your holiday: journey out on these majestic vessels for a day or more - gracefully cutting the blue seas, jumping from sand bank to sand bank, diving deep into the Indian ocean in all the mysterious locations and simply enjoy the cruise and all it has to offer. For more information on the various ships and cruise details, check out our page on liveaboard holidays in Maldives!


Maldives Holiday on a Liveaboard Cruiser


Snorkelling and Fishing


What better backdrop for a lazy fishing trip than the beautiful Maldivian scenery? There are numerous places to go fishing on your holiday in the Maldives; you will find many an isolated lagoon with crystal clear waters and plenty of fish. Or you can journey out into the open seas to try your luck; there is no shortage of water and exotic marine life in the Maldives.

Snorkelling is also a popular pastime, as it is not as taxing as scuba diving, yet it can offer similar thrills. One may not have the same underwater freedom and range as with scuba diving, however you will find much of the marine life attractions simmering right below the surface, as well as in the nether regions.

When snorkelling with whale sharks, a known whale shark habitat will be sourced by your experienced dive master. Once the whale shark is spotted near the surface, you simply dive straight in, floating in and around these astounding creatures. It is important not to aggravate them, even though they are not dangerous; better safe than sorry!



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