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Maldives Holidays
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Maldives Holidays

Dream Holiday in the Maldives


Maldives Holidays are what dreams are made of. Picture everlasting white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons, beautiful islands, brilliantly dazzling marine life and stunning sunsets and night skies. In fact, the glossy travel magazines and brochures cannot replicate the exhilaration of witnessing a beautiful tropical sunrise, as the first rays bounce off the warm water and bathe the islands with that refreshing holiday feeling. Nor can you recreate the experience of diving into the shimmering Indian ocean, to glide past a few manta rays and whale sharks, a truly unique holiday experience in the Maldives.


Holidays in the Maldives


It is no surprise that Maldives holidays are fast increasing in popularity, as it encompasses everything which is desirable for that perfect exotic getaway. Breath-taking views of the Maldives nature, brilliant, balmy temperatures all year round (the Maldives holiday weather is simply unmatched), a plethora of fun activities such as diving, snorkelling, fishing, safari trips, island hopping, revitalizing spas and top resorts, and tons more. No matter if you're looking for a lazy beach holiday, a Maldives diving safari on a luxury yacht, or a romantic honeymoon on one of the many isolated islets; Maldives holidays offers it all!


The Maldives: Best All Inclusive Holiday Destination


The Maldives is a small island nation in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The nearest countries are India (roughly 400km) and Sri Lanka (about 700km) to the north-east. Consisting of over 1000 islets stretching from north to south, the double-chain of 26 atolls contains only about 200 inhabited islands! That leaves another 800+ unexplored islands for your pleasure; one can see the appeal of island hopping in the blissful tranquillity of your Maldives holidays. Check out this aerial view of the Maldives, shot whilst approaching the islands.

The population of the Maldives is around 390,000 (2010 estimate) and the nation spans a territorial area of a whopping 90,000km squared. However, a majority (99%!) of that is water, bringing the total land mass to just under 300 square kilometers. This unique geographical constellation is one of the greatest attractions for holidays to Maldives; Drifting lazily around the islands will bring you face to face with the raw nature of the tropics - for instance when you land on a tiny unexplored sand bank or explore the astounding coral formations in the Maldives. The highest point in the Maldives is a mere 2.3 meters above sea level, the average at around 1.5 meters, which makes the nation the lowest country on planet earth.


Maldives Holiday Weather


Maldives holiday weather is pretty much consistent all year round. Balmy hot days coupled with blissfully warm nights; the average temperature in the Maldives fluctuates around the 27 degree C° (80 °F) mark, making it no surprise that the Maldives is such a coveted holiday location. The water temperature in Maldives is perfect for diving holidays - a popular destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, reef divers or simply tourists who want to bask in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. There are two primary seasons in the Maldives, the summer monsoon lasting from April to October (also known as the rainy season) and the winter monsoon, spanning from November until March. Being a tropical holiday location, the Maldives are prone to sudden rain showers lasting from hours up to days on end; however, it is dry for the most part.

You can check the live holidays weather forecast for the Maldives on our weather page, along with a detailed breakdown of weather statistics by month, and the forecast over the next week. When planning your holiday to the Maldives, make sure you inform yourself accordingly about the weather in Maldives; Click here to view the Maldives weather page.

Beautiful Maldives Holiday Scene

The capital of the Maldives is Male, also where Male International Airport is located, the starting point for all travellers to the Maldives. This is where all holidays journeys kick off - from the moment you touch down get ready to be dazzled by your Maldives holidays! The official language is Dhihevi, however communication is usually a breeze as the locals are extremely friendly by nature and English is widely understood. The Maldivian currency is known as Rufiyaa, with the current exchange rate (April 2010) at around 1€uro = 18,0373 Rufiyaa / 1 Rufiyaa = 0.0554401 €uro. However, the Rufiyaa is mainly used by the locals, usually tourists on holiday in Maldives pay for goods and services in US Dollars.

Once you embark on your Maldives holiday you will truly be swept away; the people, the culture, the countless activities: diving, swimming, liveaboards, marine life, safaris, spas - make sure you do not miss out on this unforgettable holiday experience of a lifetime.