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Mulaku Atoll - Meemu | Maldives Atolls
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Maldives Atolls

Diving Hints and Currents:

Mulaku Atoll is a popular scuba diving region in the Maldives, spanning 48 km in length and 31 km in width at its widest point. Mulaku Atoll (Meemu) is named after the capital Boli Mulah, a very significant historic center in the Maldives. There are 9 inhabited islands, and over 30 smaller uninhabited ones, with a total of two resorts – Medhufushi Island Resort and  Hakuraa Club.

Island visit to a sandbank in Mulaku Atoll
Island Visit to Mulaku (Meemu) Atoll




POPULATION: 6611 (2009)


Dhiggaru, Raiymandhoo, Madifushi, Boli Mulah, Veyvah, Muli, Maalhaveli, Naalaafushi, Medhufushi, Gongalu Huraa (almost eroded), Dhekunuboduveli, Gasveli, Kudausfushi, Kolhuvaariyaafushi, Dhiththudi, Kurali, Kuradhigandu, Thuvaru, Raabandhihuraa, Fenboafinholu




All of the islands are situated on the outer reef of Mulaku Atoll. The primary occupation of the inhabitants of Mulaku Atoll is cloth and rope weaving, fishing and agriculture. This atoll was severely affected by the tsunami in 2004, and as a direct result there are plans to reclaim land, grow and develop Muli as a “tsunami safe” island in this region.


Map of Mulaku Atoll - Maldives

Map of Mulaku Atoll - Maldives


There are several coral reefs within Mulaku Atoll, and even more openings in the barrier reef on the western side. For the eastern side, there is only one large entrance, which is split into two channels – Mulee Kandu and Mulah Kandu. The reef on the northeastern end of the atoll stretches over 28 km, while the southeastern reef spans around 35 km. These two combined form an impressive barrier to the eastern side of Mulaku Atoll.

The south side reef is very unique, due to the fact that the entire length is connected by a wide, shallow lagoon, permitting transport and fishing between the islands in the traditional Maldivian style boats, the dhoanis (bokkuras), canoes (kadubokkuras) and rafts (kadufatis).

Mulaku Atoll has many diving possibilities to the delight of all scuba divers, with many small thilas inside the atoll, and long channel drift dives on the outer reef. The inside of the atoll is heavily populated with exotic Maldivian marine life, caves, steep walls and overhangs, and numerous inner atoll reefs.


A stunning photo of hard corals at Medhoo Faru Kandu dive site

Hard corals at Medhoo Faru Kandu dive site - Mulaku Atoll


Mulaku Atoll dive site in Maldives is well known for its sharks and manta rays as well as a majestic ship wreck, which is a firm favourite of scuba divers on their Maldives holiday. For more information on the weather in Mulaku Atoll, the marine life and dive sites in the Meemu region, check the following links.


Maldives Live Weather Maldives Dive Sites Maldives Marine Life


Drift diving in Mulee Kandu is very popular with divers, due to this channel being in close vicinity to the atoll’s two tourist resorts. Divers on day-trips and/or safari boats can choose from over 15 channels stretching a distance of over 48 km on the western side of Mulaku Atoll. Many of these channels are very shallow, and a few have thilas peppered around the entrances.

There are only four uninhabited islands on this side of Mulaku atoll, and they help when differentiating the nearby channels. The north side is home to three channels in series, with extremely long reefs protruding into the atoll, also a great place to initiate drift dives. The outer reefs all have very steep drop-offs and breathtaking underwater topography round the corners and straights.


Popular Dive Sites in Mulaku Atoll:

- Lhazikuraadi - Hakuraa Thila


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